“We founded Sound Vive  with one simple goal: to make you experiment with your passion while at the same time keeping amazing prices.

We were tired of cookie-cutter stores with lackluster selection, and boring gifts. Instead of offering a huge unoriginal collection, we carefully curate just a few unique pieces perfectly suited for people with the  taste like you.

We focus on items that will get you excited about shopping again, because buying online should be fun!”


1. Superior Music Quality:

The built-in high-quality audio chip, making you feel personally on the scene of music. The wireless earbuds are a perfect gift for men or women! 

2. 2600mAh Ultra-large-capacity Charging Case:

Don't worry about low battery anymore. The charging case can charge the earbuds for about 18 times. 
In addition to charging the earbuds, the charging case can act as a power bank, for charging mobile phones and other USB devices.

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3. Auto power on and pairing:

No need to press any button. Can be automatically powered on and paired after taking them from the charging case. 
Also, be automatically powered off and charged after putting back into the charging case. 

4. Newest Bluetooth 5.0:

The newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes the connection to your device quick and easy. 
Can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled devices at a distance up to 33 feet Bluetooth range. 

5. Great Compatibility:

Compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, S7, Note 8, Note 7, Note 5, Note 4, Huawei, LG G5, G4, G3, iPad and etc.

6. Completely waterproof and Warranty

IPX7 waterproof level can easily resist sweat and rain, and you don't have to worry even if it rains. Perfect for the gym, running and exercising.

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